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The Muse Gallery,  Notting Hill, London, UK

Residency / Solo Exhibition title: Reification



January 2014, myself and two other artists were awarded a 9-month studio residency. During this period, I had a very difficult time. I struggled with my work. I wanted once again to change my practice. At the beginning, I wanted to focus on painting. But I felt limited. Also, because the studio was a shared space and most of the time I was alone, I felt the need to extend my area. The first few months I made temporary works. I played around. I danced when I was bored. I jumped from one area to another. I did everything just to keep active. The distance between where I was living and the residency was quite long. My plan was to leave late. Because it was such a long journey with a lot of Because of this, there was tremendous pressure to do something. This feeling influenced the room installation where I covered one of the spaces with removal fabric and painted the word: MAKE. MAKE. MAKE - across the entire space and on the floor. I felt the urge and I really enjoyed the struggle. The title of my show: Reification, means when you treat something immaterial like happiness, fear, and memory as a material thing. In many ways, unconsciously this is what I was doing. One particular week I was unable to attend the residency. I knew there was space available in a small gallery near where I lived called 5th Base. I decided to use it for a short period to make a series of performance. Recreating the type of performance I was making in the residency studio. Much of it is about games and exercise. This is what kept me motivated. I just wanted to have fun.