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I was awarded a 9-months studio residency and exhibition. During this period, I had a very difficult time. I struggled with my work. At the beginning, I wanted to focus on painting. But I felt limited. The first few months was about trying to process my new environment. I played around. I danced when I was bored. I jumped from one area to another. I did everything just to keep active. The distance between where I was living and the residency was quite far. My plan was to arrive as soon as possible and to leave late in order to avoid traffic on my way home. Because it was such a long journey, there was tremendous pressure to do something whenever I arrived at the studio. This feeling influenced the room installation where I covered one of the spaces with removal fabric and painted the word MAKE MAKE MAKE. I felt the urge and I really enjoyed this tension. The title of my show is called Reification. When you treat something immaterial like happiness, fear, and memory as a material thing. I was very connected to this meaning. 



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