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July 2014

I was invited to spend nine days as an artist in residence and to have an exhibition at the end. I decided not to bring any materials apart from a table, A4 sheets of paper, three books, and a lamp. I wanted to use materials found inside and around the area. It was a way of engaging with the world around me while trying to create a connection between the location and gallery. The first two days I collected various materials. Each day I add. I incorporate found objects with what I have made. The purpose of this project was to create an environment that constantly evolved. 


In addition, I invited two performers (Stacey Cole and Daniel Tebano) to play two roles. Reader and invigilator. What does it mean to read out loud, how much can this action adsorb the reader, and how would the audience engage with what is being told. How far can a story go? With this particular exhibition space, I was interested in language and the process of changing from one form or medium into another, and how our actions develop into an arrangement of things. I also asked visitors to participate by writing or making their own work in the space. Someone wrote: Livre des sentiments. The second person translated the text. The third and fourth person responded. I felt this was a very interesting dialogue and it gave visitors the freedom to do anything. 



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