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Studio Practice: 2016-2010 

This page highlights some of the works made during 2016 going down to 2011. Instead of displaying a complete history of everything I have made during this period, I decided to focus on particular works/ideas. My feelings towards sculpture started a few years ago when I was twenty-two years old. I am fascinated by this idea of becoming. From my BA to MA and after leaving art school, I wanted my practice to change. I wanted my work to occupy every territory I considered as sculpture. From the floor, wall, to something that extends itself.  From closed to open. I am also interested in the role of colours and their characteristics. How they behave with materials. I consider my practice as a kind of experiment that is constantly evolving. Architecture and painting continue to influence my work. I am also fond of the theatre. The beginning of a play is often my favorite moment because I like how performers place themselves in space. How things tend to exist and how the performance often appears delicate and precise.