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June, 2010


Temporary work

In 2009, my work focused on architecture. I was preoccupied with spaces and their relation to people. Early 2010, I was asked to make a site-specific work for this particular building in Sheffield (within Sheffield Hallam University). A very large Atrium, three floors with multiple entrances. This is the central place, almost like a gathering. Anyone associated with the University has to go through this area. Before this project, I was already interested in social spaces and when I was asked to propose an idea, I wanted to examine the form and structure of the atrium. I was also looking at how the natural light reflected around the space, the way the light shifts from morning to evening, and how individuals and groups of people are positioned within this space. What area dominates and where the light appears more visible. I decided to use orange perspex because I felt it provided the sort of character and atmosphere I was seeking. I displayed 56 sheets in total. 



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